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Case Study: Imama Farhan

It’s hard for expatriates to get admitted on to a course at a Saudi Arabian university. I am residing here with my parents, but originally I am from Pakistan. As I am an only child, my parents don’t want to send me abroad. However, my dream has always been to study abroad, this is where NDA has helped.

Since childhood I was very creative and always wanted to study something which would involve practical work. After finishing my A levels, I was searching online for good universities which can satisfy both of us (me and my parents), consequently, I ended up reading  the NDA website and started to correspond with them. The staff were so helpful, they immediately responded to my e-mails and so I ended up getting myself admitted to NDA as an online student at the end of 2011. They offered an affordable option to study.

When I got enrolled onto the BA (Hons) Interior Design course, I found it to be varied and interesting. I am enjoying the course immensely due to how detailed the modules are and recommended website addresses for references in the modules, which make it easy to study via distance learning. The Virtual Learning Studio made it easier to get personal support through working on projects, contacting tutors, accessing the student forum as well as all online resources. The deadlines set are easily achievable if the students are able to put in the required hours. I have completed my FdA, then my Bachelors and now I m in my last module of Honours.

Working from home has many advantages, especially for me who travels a lot as I can enjoy my personal life and study at the same time. I have gathered a lot of knowledge from studying at NDA which is very helpful in opening my own interior design office or even working for a company. I have developed my freelance interior design work under the name of Fataim Interior.  After finishing my Hons I will start my career with a reputable interior design company to gain enough experience before opening my own studio. It would not have been possible, if I was not encouraged by my tutors who are absolutely fabulous, who motivate me, offer sound advice and guidance in any manner.

When I was studying for my FdA, I met Helen Keighley (Director of Quality & Business at the NDA) when she visited Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to represent NDA for the first time in the exhibition of Interior Design. She recognised me by my name; it seemed that we are well known to each other. This actually proves how well NDA’s management are informed about their students.


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  1. Best of Luck, for your Future Plans.
    My background had similar issues, still struggling with it.

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