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Case Study: Ammar Albizreh

Below we hear from one of our Syrian students; Ammar Albizreh who completed the BA (Hons) Interior Design course with the NDA and has been studying and working in Dubai for the last 10 years.

“I originally completed my Diploma in Architecture at Damascus University. I then moved to Dubai to work for a large contracting company as an architect assistant. It was during this time that I decided to continue with my studies and completed my HND in Interior Design at Limperts Academy.

The National Design Academy was then personally recommended to me by my tutors at Limperts Academy. I was immediately intrigued by studying for a BA (hons) degree online which would allow me to gain the qualification I desired whilst still maintaining my job at the Architect firm. I signed up straight away and have now completed my BA (hons) Interior Design with NDA.

I started my career as a Draftman Architect Assistant. I then progressed on to become an Interior Designer, Interior Design Leader and a Project Manager’s Assistant. Thanks to the combination of my work experience and my in-depth studies of interior design, I am now an Interior Design Project Manager in Bnana Island -Anatara Resort Doha/Qatar. I handle interior design finishing inspections and complete all of the necessary reports to ensure that the project is in keeping with the high-end design specification that is required.

I have also been interviewed many times by the MBC Channel and have appeared on television where I discuss interior design tips and techniques. Most recently I have set up my own interior design business in Dubai, which I hope will be a great success and a real asset to the region.

I would recommend the National Design Academy to anyone with an interest in interior design. The flexible hours allow you to fit your studies around your other work or family commitments. The perfect way to gain a qualification whilst maintaining a busy lifestyle!”

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