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Why Did Anyone Think Carpeted Bathrooms Were a Good Idea?

Written by NDA tutor Ruth Skrytek

We’ve seen a distinct lack of carpet as a floor finish choice in recent years’ trends, not just in bathrooms. There is an overwhelming abundance of hardwood floors featured in popular design magazines, and of course on the home page of Pinterest – but is carpet making a comeback?

Well, maybe not quite. But carpeting options are slowly changing. There is now technology available to make durable, plush, warm, and (a bit more) hygienic carpeting options. Because, for some cold climates around the world, the UK included, getting out of the bath or shower without having the central heating on can be quite unpleasant… but so can the thought of putting your bare feet on a potentially germ-ridden floor.

So, what’s the solution for when you want insulating finishes, but hygienic floors, free of moisture?

An option could be sisal – which is not as absorbent as other carpets, and also much easier to clean.

Another super-clean practical option is cork – varnished with a seal, of course. Cork is not only insulating, but soft under-foot, meaning an additional bath mat on top of this could re-create that warm, sinking feeling!

There is, however, the simple option of a “water-resistant” bathroom carpet. UK manufacturer Carpetright assures that their bathroom carpet range is 100% waterproof and stain-resistant, however, it is not clear just how much potential bacteria that many concentrated fibres can house, and even if there isn’t, whether the public and interior design industry would be convinced that carpets are a viable option in a bathroom.

In the 60’s and 70’s, carpets were seen as a luxury finish. Back then, as much as your house as possible was clad in carpet, sometimes with large, vibrant patterns. Another reason why this was done was to hide dirt or mess (ew) – which will be why you will still occasionally see these types of carpets in public and commercial spaces where hygiene is not the top priority.

In the mid-century, focus was on an individual bathing experience and isolated relaxation, as bathing and pampering yourself was very much something you did behind closed doors during the 60’s and 70’s. Whereas now, group trips to the spa is deemed the height of luxury and leisure. You are unlikely to see a carpeted floor in a spa – pertaining to health and hygiene regulations!

Indulgence has become a much less sought after element of bathroom design in recent years, and perhaps this is because there is less of a focus on the “individual” experience and more on catering to all, hence a focus on hygiene.

It is a definite, though, that the importance of keeping our bathrooms and homes warm is the forefront of our minds, not only for our own comfort, but for the environment too. Ensuring less energy is used to heat your home can not only help the world, but help you save money. So perhaps have a think about how to save on central heating costs with a solution to carpeted bathrooms!

But moreover, here are some current trend examples of bathroom carpet compromises!

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  1. I just think it’s so nasty. I hate carpet in general. I don’t care how “easy” company’s say their carpet is to clean, it just gives me the ick. I do live in a very cold state but has anyone heard of socks or slippers. I would rather have to put something on my feet than walk on a disgusting floor. And carpet in the bathroom is peak disgusting. Your toilet can flood and last time I checked they usually don’t flood with a fresh bowl. Ew just ew.

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