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Brabantia ironing board

Ironing Board

The curtain making and soft furnishings studio at the Academy has just taken delivery of two large XLCOMFORT Brabantia ironing board.

They are extra wide, perfect for curtain makers, providing support for the weight of fabric when pressing full length curtains.  They provide a sturdy platform for steam generated irons as well as standard steam irons. The strong 4 leg frame is adjustable to 7 different heights between 75cm and 98cm for ultimate stability and comfort when ironing.
The ironing boards have a safety-lock mechanism so the board cannot collapse accidentally essential for health and safety in the studio.  Although they are quite large, they are quite easy to manoeuvre and fold away neatly for storage, very happy with this product and I am sure the students will be too.

Ironing Board

Ironing Board 3

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  1. I enjoy ironing too. I always have ironing all my clothes and linens and I really love how it looks on the wardrobe.

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