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Blue and Yellow: A Perfect Pairing

Can blue and yellow really be making a come back?

This year rich, vibrant and sophisticated hues are transforming our interiors. Moving away from the neutral Scandinavian inspired tones, to more dark and moody spaces. Over the last few years, this dramatic change has been influencing everything from fashion to interior design with jewel tones and intense combinations coming out on top.

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource:

Following this trend, it’s no surprise to see navy blue continuing to reign to as one of the year’s top colour trends. The versatility of the navy blue hue is the perfect substitute for classic black and it makes a stunning base colour for elegant and classic interiors. It’s not just navy getting the prize for peoples favourite, other shades of blue and some bold contrasting pairings have also started trending recently.

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Elle Decor

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Pinterest

While navigating Pinterest we are surrounded with picture after picture of inspirational interiors that defy the traditional concept and rules of interior design. Instead they transport us through different emotions using timeless combinations of versatile colour, from the 2009 blue lacquer wall and red accents of Miles Redd to the botanical influence of indigo and emerald schemes. Well, this year the stand out duo, brave in its contrasting relation, is blue and yellow, with navy and mustard being the favoured tones.

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Lenoe Marion

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Futurist Architecture

It began to surface last year, seeing the partnership surface in traditional, and modern interiors but its 2018 that has seen it become a staple in many homes. With a rather primary relation, this bold pairing redirects the conventional ideal attached to dark interiors. The vibrancy of the yellow illuminates deep blue schemes, breaking the seriousness of the tone and creating a harmonious environment.

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Melanie Lissack Interiors

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Brendan Wong Design

Although, many feel that dark interiors can be gloomy, choosing the right the rich tone of blue can bring a stable neutrality to an interior. This will also allow the vibrant accents and warm surfaces to stand out, without losing the mysterious, edgy or impactful feel. 

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Swoon Editions

This trend isn’t for the fainthearted and is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun, such as this yellow radiator in an otherwise calm space, however, with such strong colours many things can go wrong. A compromising balance is key in making this trend successful. Small amounts of one colour, and a more imposing presence of the other will tip the balance in the right way and give your space the sophisticated but playful feel its perfect for.

Blue and Yellow Interior TrendsSource: Farrow & Ball

What do you think, is this trend something to consider? Do you still need more time to adjust to the idea of a dark/vibrant colour scheme?

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