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Belgian Students travel to the National Design Academy!

A group of Belgian students who are in their second year of an Interior Design degree at Ghent School of Arts, travelled to Nottingham to attended the Visual Presentation workshop yesterday at the National Design Academy.

As part of their degree, they must attend some form of international training relevant to their course, and we are delighted that they chose us. When asked why they chose the NDA for their international study Ellis said: “We were interested in seeing how courses at a dedicated Interior Design school would compare to ours.”

Before attending the workshop, the students were keen to learn more about the NDA and our teaching methods. Director of Studies, Anthony Rayworth and Director of Quality and Business, Helen Keighley gave them a complete tour covering the history of the NDA, the various interior design styles used and invited them look through previous students’ work.

When asked how our courses compared to theirs, Lien said: “We see the NDA as a very special place, here you can choose to present your work in the style that best suits you; for example I love to render, but Shelly loves to draw – it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to develop our own individual style”.

At the end of the workshop all the students were invited to do a small presentation to talk about their final moods boards in terms of style and presentation. The quality of work was outstanding and they clearly enjoyed learning the new style and presentation skills.

Comparing her mood board to ones they usually produce, Laurie said: “With these you can feel it, you can touch it, it’s more realistic than something created in Photoshop and printed. It is more work because you must find all the samples, but the results are great.”

Asked if the workshop would influence their future presentation development style, everyone agreed that it would, and that in the future they would consider further studies with the National Design Academy after they graduate.

Everyone at the NDA wants to thank the students for choosing us and for producing some fantastic work during their time here. We wish them all well with their future studies and careers.

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