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Barbara Seidelmann – Student Spotlight

“China is very different; it is a very high potential market for most of the consumer-focused companies. That means that you as a designer can be very creative and you can create something that is completely new, cool…”

Meet Barbara Seidelmann, 5 Star Plus Retail Design Managing Director and former NDA student.

Barbara left her previous employment job in 2012 in order to build up her new business. While she was registering and creating the company she was finishing the last two modules with the National Design Academy. She mentioned:

“Studying with the NDA definitely enabled me to work in this particular area. I think it is a unique challenge for a retail designer to create an environment that really expresses a brand, the core of a brand.”

In her interview to the NDA, Barbara said:

“I really like Design and specifically Retail Design since I used to work in Marketing and in Retail, it was the perfect way for me to put it all together. I was looking at universities from all over the world and actually, the National Design Academy seemed to be the most professional one.”

Watch the video below for the full interview of Barbara Seidelmann, NDA Student Spotlight:

5 Star Plus Retail Design is an Austrian company working from Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Vienna and Urumqi, and it’s a leading interior design company specializing in the branded design of retail stores and restaurants.

With a background in retail operations, 5 Star Plus Retail Design team is experienced with in-store operations, product placement and storage needs of various products.

Barbara Seidelmann - Student Spotlight

Their mission is to provide unparalleled designs, consultation and project management services to both international luxury and designer brands wishing to enter or redefine their presence in the Chinese market.

Some of their clients and partners include; The British Embassy in China, The Swiss Chamber in China, Advantage Austria, Vogue, Swatch, Högl, Kolon Sport, Ivanka Trump, Hanna Trachten, Crêpanini, Cheers, Swarovski, UGG and Starbucks.

Barbara Seidelmann - Student Spotlight

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  1. Many thanks, Barbara, for your inspiring and encouraging words! All the best, continued success and fun(!) with your current and future projects!

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