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Anthony’s Asides: The Digital Dog

Biotono by Luca Centofante for Ecotono

The Digital Dog

As soon as I saw this remarkably simple piece of low-tech-meets-high-tech gadgetry, I thought ‘What happened to the doggie from the His Masters Voice (HMV) record label so popular back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s?’

The answer of course, is that he turned into a smartphone. As its manufacturer, Ecotono says “The Biotono line presents a very creative assortment of passive ceramic amplifiers for your smartphone. Their shape is designed to amplify and optimise the sound coming out of smartphones. The material has especially been developed so that sound vibrations make the ceramic surface vibrate to and fro thereby increasing sound performance. This effect amplifies each sound more than 5 times its original tune.

Astonishing! I wonder what the doggie would have thought.

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‘His Master’s Voice’ painting of Nipper the dog. Available from: [Accessed 12/09/14]

Biotono amplifier by Ecotono. Available from:  [Accessed 12/09/14]

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