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An Aesthetic Pursuit: A Unique Take on Bespoke Furniture

“Good design. Just the way you like it”

The American ‘lifestyling’ & Creative Agency, An Aesthetic Pursuit, put their years of experience in designing and styling homes together to create Pieces.

An Aesthetic Pursuit_Court Series Bespoke Furniture

Pieces, a custom furniture and home design company, was created to bridge the gap between a clients’ desire for custom design work, and their ability to acquire it. The Brooklyn based brand pride themselves on innovation and use of colour, shape and material, making every element of their products customisable.

Collection II

The most recent collection from the team, ‘Collection II’, definitely lives up to their innovation claims. The bold and colourful series hosts items from rugs, tables and stools to ceramics and original artwork all featuring abstract designs that reference sports culture through graphic patterns and shapes.

An Aesthetic Pursuit_Court Series Bespoke Furniture

The hand crafted rugs imitate the shapes and bright colours usually confined to basketball courts or football fields. The designs are executed in a way that would make them fit perfectly in any space, from being the focal point of an otherwise minimal room, a compliment to colourful decor to being at home in a sports themed spot.

The glass topped table range uses laminate to mimic the tracks and markings seen on the field. These sleek designs could also find harmony in a whole range of spaces. The reds and oranges used in some of the designs could also easily be likened to the colours of the sixties.

An Aesthetic Pursuit_Court Series Bespoke Furniture

What do you think of these unique designs from An Aesthetic Pursuit? How would you use them in your home?

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Thanks for reading!

*All images sourced from Design Milk


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