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A Dulux Colour Workshop with Marianne Shillingford

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” – Wassily Kandinsky

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne

The NDA Team recently had the chance to enjoy an action packed Colour Workshop with Colour Expert and Dulux Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford. The day allowed tutors, who already have a deep knowledge of colour, and support staff who also have a keen interest, to come together and explore this brilliant, dynamic subject.  So what did we do in the Colour Workshop?

Watch the Colour Workshop in the video below:


Colour Theory

Marianne started the day by covering the theory of colour. The team covered topics such as, which components make up colour, how our eyes perceive colour and the impact certain colours have on space, light and even the behaviour of people.

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne 4

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne 7

Colour Mixing

In arguably the most exciting section of the workshop, Marianne led the team in mixing what could become Dulux’s next big shade. The NDA team built tonal colour ranges around fabric swatches and even got to be creative in naming the paint colours in their newly developed range.

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne 5

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne 6

Colour Trends

Even when you love colour and are full of knowledge on the subject like our tutors, trends in colour and why those trends emerge are ever changing. It was great to have Marianne explain the latest trends from a different perspective. Colour translates across all trends in Interior Design and the depth of knowledge from both Marianne and her Colour Expert team was truly insightful.

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne 3

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne 2

Dulux Colour Workshop_Marianne 1We had a fantastic day and would like to thank Marianne and Dulux for this opportunity and our tutors can’t wait to pass on new knowledge to our students. We will also be sharing ‘How-to’ videos on Facebook, so be sure to follow our page to see those soon.

We hope you’re now ready to explore colour.

Thanks for reading!

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