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5 must-have Christmas gifts for Interior Designers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes the delightful task of selecting the perfect gifts for our loved ones. If you have an interior designer in your life, we’ve curated a list of five thoughtful presents that are bound to be on their Christmas list this year.

Personalised Diary or Weekly Planner 

5 Interior designer gifts - Diary

A true non-negotiable; what is an Interior Designer without a diary? An organised space consisting of appointments, deadlines, meetings, and events that can be safely stored both on their desk or on the move. However, this journal is not any old kind, it is a personalised journal that allows you to emboss a name on the front (or anything for that matter). A great gift for an Interior Designer that really doesn’t need much justifying.

Traschen / Phaidon Books 

5 Interior designer gifts - Phaidon Books

Any Interior Designer appreciates, and most likely owns an ever-expanding bookshelf. Whether you have their favourite, iconic artist in mind, a particular design style, photographer, or fashion designer – Taschen or Phaidon will have the perfect book for them. Featuring incredible projects and imagery, Taschen and Phaidon books are equally as pleasing to stack on a coffee table, perhaps resembling a sentimental location or memory. A great book collection to start, or to build upon further.


Museum Membership 

5 Interior designer gifts - Museum

For individuals who have a passion for exhibitions and museums, a V&A membership can be an excellent present, enriching an interior designer’s schedule with complimentary and limitless entry to exhibitions and events. It also provides access to exclusive content and previews. The V&A is merely one instance of such a membership; other renowned museums and galleries offering similar benefits include the Royal Academy of Arts, Tate Collective, National Art Pass, and the National Trust.


Magazine Subscription 

5 Interior designer gifts - Magazine

Interior designers are always in search of fresh inspiration and concepts to ignite their creativity. A magazine subscription serves as the perfect gift, ensuring a continuous flow of inventive ideas, current trends, informative articles, and inspiring designs. Moreover, a magazine subscription offers the delight of lasting throughout the entire year, making it a small gesture that can provide enjoyment for months on end.


A Workshop 

5 Interior designer gifts - A Work

Although material presents can bring happiness, experiences often create lasting memories. Gifting an artistic workshop upon an interior designer can offer a creative outlet, introducing them to fresh skills and unique experiences with likeminded creatives. Whether it’s ceramics, flower arranging, cooking, candle making, screen printing, or calligraphy, there’s a workshop suitable for every individual.


When it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas gifts for interior designers, thoughtful consideration can go a long way. Whether you choose to gift an experience, book, or subscription these gift ideas are sure to excite any interior design enthusiast. 



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