Technical Drawing Equipment Kit


N.B. The products within this kit are already included within the Complete Professional Interior Design Kit.

This technical drawing equipment kit is the ideal starting point for interior design students. This set contains everything you will need to start practising your technical drawing techniques. 

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  • 0.1, 0.3 & 0.5 Fine-line Pen
  • 0.5 Pencil & Refills
  • Circle Template
  • Hard Edged Rubber
  • Putty Rubber (Soft)
  • Masking Tape
  • Scale Ruler

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N.B. The products within this kit are already included within the Complete Professional Interior Design Kit.

Triangular Scale Ruler

Triangular scale rules are often used by interior designers to calculate specific dimensions on a technical drawing or building plan in a quick and precise manner. This ruler is perfect to use whilst in the design studio or on-site displays 6 different sizes.

0.1 Drawing Pen

This 0.1 Staedtler pen is characterised by its long metal tip ideal for detailed technical drawings or use with a steel ruler or set square. This pen is popularly used by designers wishing to add a bit more detail or emphasis to a chalk or pastels piece of artwork as well as those creating blue prints or technical layouts of a room or building.

0.3 Drawing Pen

This 0.3 drawing pen is celebrated for its fine tip allowing you to successfully complete accurate and detailed technical drawings. They are also used for creating plans, pastel or any artwork that requires very fine detail. This pen is in black which is the favoured colour for most designers when completing technical drawings.

0.5 Drawing Pen

The 0.5 drawing pen is the slightly thicker counterpart to the 0.3 and offers users a thicker and more solid line. These pens are traditionally fast-drying and water resistant making them a reliable and useful ink to use with coursework as well as artwork for potential clients. Despite the slightly thicker tip, this pen still enables you to create detailed and intricate artwork.

0.5 Drawing Pencil

This 0.5 drawing pencil is the perfect base for learning the skills required for sketching or technical drawing. The sharp point made of lead allows you to create strong, accurate and detailed line work whilst the characteristics of the lead facilitate shading and texture work.

0.5 Drawing Pencil Refills

These 0.5 drawing pencil refills ensures that you can benefit from optimum use of the drawing pencil. Often when sketching, a lot of lead can be used up quickly as ideas begin to form on a page. This is where the refills really come into their own as not only will it allow you to continue with your artwork but it is a more environmentally friendly use of the pencil casing.

Circle Template

This circular template contains stencil based circles with varying diameters. This circle stencil template is designed to be used with either a drawing pen or a drawing pencil in order to create an accurate circular representation. The stencil is made up of a transparent plastic with a ruler style measurement line running across the top.

Hard Edged Rubber

This hard edged rubber is a necessity for all designers. When working with drawing pencils, this eraser with remove any unwanted lines, likewise, when working with pastels or chalks, this rubber can be used to soften the distinction between different colours. The hard edge aspect of this rubber means that it is most useful when working with detailed technical drawing as it will offer you a certain level of precision and accuracy.

Masking Tape

This interior design kit is also equipped with a roll of masking tape. This masking tape is a similar to Cellotape but composed of a paper-like material that is easy to tear. It is often used when painting or working with chalks as a means of cornering off certain areas that do not need colour. This is a basic staple for all designers working with colour.

Putty Rubber

A putty rubber is also known as a kneaded eraser. This rubber is composed of grey elastic-like material that resembles a putty substance. This eraser works by absorbing chalk particles and does not leave any rubber particles.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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