Upcoming Courses...

In-Studio Diplomas

Week 1: 15th – 19th January
Week 2: 26th February - 1st March
Weekday Course
Week 1: 29th January - 2nd February
Week 2: 5th - 9th February
Sunday Course
14th January – 10th March*
(*Week 9 Saturday & Sunday)
Week 1: 5th - 9th February
Week 2: 18th - 22nd March

Online Fast-Track Diplomas

8th January – 16th April (Evening)
25th January – 6th May (Afternoon)
8th February – 20th May (Morning)
14th March – 24th June (Evening)
8th Jan – 16th Apr (Evening)
25th Jan – 6th May (Afternoon)
8th Feb – 20th May (Morning)
14th Mar – 24th Jun (Evening)
16th January – 17th May (Morning)
16th Jan – 17th May (Morning)
11th March – 17th June (Morning)
16th September – 6th January (Morning)
11th Mar – 17th Jun (Morning)
16th Sep – 6th Jan (Morning)

Online Short Courses

8th January – 16th February
26th February – 22nd March
9th January – 27th February (Afternoon)
26th March – 21st May (Afternoon)
9th Jan – 27th Feb (Afternoon)
26th Mar- 21st May (Afternoon)
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