The Awkward Corner | E06 | Glitter, Diamonds & Fluff

Awkward corner episode 6

The Awkward Corner | Episode 6 | Most Hated Interior Trends

DISCLAIMER: THIS EPISODE MAY OFFEND! This week, special guest Molly joins Stephen, SJ & Amy as they discuss the absolute worst things in interior design. From magnolia walls to carpeted bathrooms, fish tanks and wallpapered furniture – no one’s home is safe! If you’re a fan of the shabby chic trend or gallery walls – watch out!

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  1. Hi All wel once again here i am having listened 2 Ep 6 of the PODCAST. So interesting this time,,,,,,with Negatives and Positives…..That Guest Molly ws very interesting indeed…..Once again learned a lot…I thnk u very much 4 the Podcast. Great chat with Steve # SJ # AMY & guest Molly……. Yours…..Mags Matthewman

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