The Awkward Corner | E01 | So, I’m in my map…..

episode 1

The Awkward Corner | Episode 1

Welcome to The Awkward Corner – somewhere every designer can feel at home! Join NDA tutors Stephen, Amy and SJ as they delve into some hot design topics in the very first episode of our podcast, including the future of retail design, seasonal décor and their favourite Instagram influencers.

This episode is a little bit of an Easter special so eggspect some bantering about bunnies, bonnets and oddly, model making! You may even learn something about Easter customs in different countries, including which country has Easter eggs delivered by a fox.

At the end of the episode you’ll have one burning question…. Head over to our blog to read our special TAC Easter feature and find out what a Sock Bunny Gnome really looks like!

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