The Awkward Corner | E08 | A Jubilee Special – Time for a Pimms

The Awkward Corner | Episode 8 | Jubilee Special

It’s a Jubilee special in this week’s podcast! Join Stephen, SJ and Amy as they go back and look at the best of British. From past monarchs and historical facts about their residences to the iconography of the Union Jack, they celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in their own unique way. Now, bring me my sword…..

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  1. Hi Awkward Corner ## jubilee……very interesting chat I must say. It was really interesting with designs and through 2 Royalty. With Steve .SJ and Amy….Yr all very knowledge able….I laughed so much. But overall once again I really enjoyed and learned. Thank u the 3 of u 4 a great conversation!!!!…Until next time..over and out……Mags Matthewman..👍😎👌

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