The Awkward Corner | E03 | I think I’d look good in a ruff…

The Awkward Corner | Episode 3

What’s your favourite period of interior design? In this week’s podcast, Stephen, SJ and Amy discuss their favourite historical design influences.

Episode 3 has our tutors going back in time to the Tudor, Regency and Art Deco eras and discussing which period dramas are most authentic in their representation of historic interiors. Oh, and Stephen ponders just how good he’d look in a satin and a powdered wig. 

Listen to hear Amy’s tips for cultural inspiration in New York and find out exactly what a potato parvo really is. 

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From the splendid dark oak panelling of the Tudor era to the opulence and elegance of Art Deco, our latest blog shares our tutor’s favourite historic interiors in more detail.

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