The Awkward Corner | E013 | The Naked Truth with Lucy Painter

Interior design recruitment specialist Lucy Painter is in The Awkward Corner this week. Listen as Lucy imparts her expert advice for CVs and portfolios and shares inside tips for the skills employers really want to see on your resume.

There’s also a word of warning for freelancers and a story about an interior designer who shared a little too much on his CV.

Lucy also hosts our SkillsLab sessions for Professional Practice. Head over to the SkillsLab hub or our You Tube channel to watch. 

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Lucy Painter owns Studio – a recruitment company specialising in interior design. From junior positions to directorships, Lucy has recruited for some of the top design studios  in the world. 

Lucy’s years of experience also led her to write ‘In With the Interior Design Crowd’ – an amazing book packed with tips for both aspiring and experienced designers looking to improve their career prospects. Head over to Lucy’s website to buy it.

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