Quick Sketching Tutorial

Sketching for Interior Design

Sketching is the best way to start any project. Just grab a sketchbook and pen and get going! 

In this quick SkillsLab tutorial, NDA tutor Ruth uses a budget sketchbook to create interior design sketches and perspective drawings. 

Sketching is an essential part of any design process. And it really doesn’t matter what you use to get your ideas down on paper. Sketching can help you to understand the space and work out layouts without having to commit to one idea. And don’t forget – sketches don’t have to be neat! No one has to see them. They are there to help you create and reference your own ideas.

Ready to get started? Watch the video!

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The NDA SkillsLab is a great way to get a taster of the skills needed to become an interior designer. From practical skills to careers advice, you'll find a new video online each week.
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