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Photoshop Tutorial for Interior Design - A Beginner's Guide

This Photoshop Tutorial covers the basic tools and steps to creating an interior design focussed concept board.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a document to a specific size and the about the basic interface of Photoshop, as well as using tools to add images, shapes, text and brush strokes.  This tutorial ends with how to export your final composition ready to upload to lnstagram!

Creating interior design moodboards with Photoshop will be easy after completing this tutorial. Watch the introduction below or scroll down for the link to the full You Tube series.


Assets for this Photoshop tutorial are available to download below. Find links to the original (uncropped) image and credits too. A special thank you to Nathan Oakley.

Due to the recent changes to Pantone’s integration with Adobe Products, Pantone colours are now locked behind a paywall.

Although Pantone is a highly regarded mode of colour, its main advantages lay in the production end of the design process, allowing manufacturers to create a perfect accuracy in colour whether their colour printing methods are additive or subtractive.

It’s important to understand for this tutorial Pantone colours are not required to create a social media / web based result. It’s okay to create this board or any other presentation board during your time with the National Design Academy using other colour modes, like RGB or CMYK. We do however urge you to research these modes further to fully understand their use-cases.

Pantone’s Colour library is now available to purchase, more information can be found here:

Continue the Full Playlist on the NDA YouTube Channel

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