Interior Design Progression Scholarships (International)

NDA Interior Design Progression Scholarships (International)

New Progression Scholarships for ALL NDA International Students!

National Design Academy is part of the NDA Foundation - a not for profit organisation for education.

As all profits remain in the Foundation for the benefit of our students we are pleased to offer a generous Progression Scholarship to all NDA students, awarded at the end of every course they study to assist them to progress onto a higher level course.

The scholarship will reduce tuition fees for their next course, provided they have enrolled with NDA onto their new course within 4 months.

Direct Entry Degree students will only be eligible for Scholarships after they have completed their first course with NDA.

Progression Scholarship reductions in tuition fees

Course Completed Course for Progression Scholarship
Diploma Foundation Degree 1 x $650 reduction in tuition fees
Diploma BA (Hons) Full 3 Year Course 1 x $650 reduction in tuition fees
Foundation Degree BA (Hons) Final Year Top Up 1 x $650 reduction in tuition fees
BA (Hons) Master's Degree (MA) 1 x $1300 reduction in tuition fees

If you have any questions about Progression Scholarships please contact or