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Our top 3 tips: How to incorporate the tropical trend

The tropical trend is a bold statement in any home, it’s hard not to over-do the look. We share our top 3 tips on how to incorporate a few of our favourite tropical themed pieces into your interior without going over the top.

The influx for all things tropical has grown into an increasingly popular interior trend in stores this summer. Surrounded with a dazzling array of bright colour palettes, palm prints, pineapples and a plethora of botanical flowers and exotic birds, it is hard to incorporate the look into your home without going a little OTT. So we thought we’d share our top 3 tips of how to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior. 

Make a Statement

1) Be bold, make a statement. For those who are fearless enough to immerse themselves in all things tropical, upholster a piece of furniture in a bright fabric or add a tropical wallpaper print to add excitement to your interior. There is a huge range out there at the moment, from quirky, cartoon-feel pineapples to dramatic, more sophisticated botanicals and tropical themed prints on wallpapers, fabrics, accessories and furniture.

How to incorporate the tropical trned into your interior. French Settee Loveseat Love Seat Dining Chairs Upholstered in Green White Palm Leaves Fabric Butterfly Butterflies Upholstery Tropical

The beautiful, French love seat available from Etsy, £933.70 is upholstered in a tropical leaf fabric and would add a bright shot of colour to any room or buy Tommy Bahama swaying palm print fabric by the yard, £7.60 from Bonanza to reupholster an existing piece of furniture.

Reminiscent of the original Martinique Banana leaf wallpaper seen below, that was designed in the 1940’s by Don Loper exclusively for the Beverly Hills Hotel. The tropical palm tree or more accurately, banana tree leaf design has been growing in popularity for decades. Still influencing fashion and interior looks today, the design has proven itself to be timeless and worth investing in as it manages to look just as modern today as it did in 1942.

How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior. Martinique’s iconic banana leaf patterned wallpaper.

Dorothy Draper‘s similar print with grapes, Brazilliance continued the popular tropical trend throughout the 1940’s, when her print features on the walls/ floors of the Greenbrier Hotel, West Virginia. A recent resurgence in the prints popularity was due to our love for all things vintage, fashion looked to the past for inspiration and botanical print became a key trend in 2012 onwards.

Oscar de la renta Bergdorf Goodman Fall 2012 collection featuring the tropical trend and the iconic Dorothy Draper Brazilliance printed wallpaper on the Greenbrier hotel walls in the background.

Bergdorf Goodman featured the wallpaper at the Greenbrier Hotel in the background of their Fall collection 2012, seen above. Whilst Charlotte Olympia popularised the print in her shoe and clutch collection below. Many fashion collections now continue to feature the popular design on clothing and print each year.

And many interior designers like Marjorie Skouras, seen below have also featured the bold, tropical print in their interior design or styling choices, which has caused a surge in a range of accessories and soft furnishings for sale that feature tropical themed prints.

Charlotte Olympia Tropical print wire heel sandals. How to incorporate the tropical trend.

Marjorie Skouras Los Angeles Interior designer featured the infamous, iconic tropical trends print in her design.

Hermes Jungle Life wallpaper, £730.00 per roll brings the tropical theme to life. Its vivid repeat pattern depicts the flora and fauna of the now iconic Jungle Love silk scarf designed by Robert Dallet in 2000, that would certainly make a statement adorning your wall.

Hermes Jungle wallpaper. How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior

Or try House of Hackney‘s Troop wallpaper, £128.00 a roll. It’s bold, fun print features a troop of monkeys climbing up jungle vines on a bold backdrop of either dusk blue, parakeet green or salamander orange.

How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior featuring House of Hackney's monkey troop wallpaper

Whilst Cole & Son’s Palm Jungle wallpaper brings a dense, tropical jungle feel to your walls in a more subdued colour scheme and nod to the original banana leaf print design. It also comes in a range of brighter colour schemes for the more daring, £78.00 a roll.

Palm Jungle wallpaper print by Cole and son. How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior scheme.

Or for a more summery, fun take on the tropical trend add a popular pineapple print to your walls instead. Hygge & West’s Pineapple wallpaper collection is perfect for those who want to inject some personality onto their walls, try Rifle Co’s Pineapple Ebony £121.06 a roll, for a more sophisticated take on the tropical trend.

How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior. Rifle Pineapple print wallpaper, Ebony.

How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior. Hygge West, Pineapple wallpaper by Rifle.

Or choose Pineapple Sorbet, £121.06 a roll, for a more whimsical, fun feeling tropical twist. Seen above, from left to right; Pineapple Sorbet, Pineapple Blue, Pineapple Yellow. Also see Pina Sola pineapple print wallpaper, £105.92 a roll by Aimee Wilder, below. Or try Sanderson Manila Wallpaper available at John Lewis for a more subdued botanical print, £55.00 a roll.

Incorporating the tropiclal trend into your interior featuring Pina Sola wallpaper by Aimee Wilder in sola orchid.

Team your statement walls or furniture upholstery with white or neutral accessories, natural, wooden accents and add striking pops of colour with a hot pink throw or cushion to offset your tropical print. We like Style at Home’s statement palm print headboard that is complimented by the white sheets, neutral bedside table, and the pops of pink throughout.

Team a palm print with neutral accessories, natural elements like rattan and wood and add pops of colour in your accessories and furnishings to incorporate the tropical trend.

Daring details

2) It is important to bring balance to any room. If your furniture or walls are the statement in a room then keep your accessories minimal and secondary in your interior styling. However, if you prefer your accessories to be the focal point it is a great way to incorporate the trend. Add areas of interest throughout the room by adding tropical themed accents and shots of colour throughout.

To add a subtle nod to the tropical trend, try incorporating a range of house plants and planters like Att Pynta‘s copper bead plant hanger, £28.00 with natural elements, wicker baskets and rattan accessories. Like the round rattan stool by Alexander and Pearl £175,  or storage boxes in earthy brown and greens like the Innes natural storage bags from Habitat, £25.00 to add an understated tropical twist.

how to incorporate the tropical trend. Copper bead plant hanger by Att Pynta, round rattan stool by Alexander and Pearl £175 from, Innes natural storage bags from Habitat, £25.00.

Or be bold with colour, Better Homes & Gardens even named the Tropical Trends as their palette of the year 2015 due to it’s bold mix of colours; leafy greens, corals, bright jewel-toned pinks, blues and dramatic greys. So pick statement tropical accessories that fit within the colour scheme, or get crafty and paint them to suit.

Better homes and gardens colour palette of the year. Tropical Trend, incorporating into your interior.

Palm print throws or cushion are great to add a clashing print and bold statement to your interior. The Tropical palm print cushion, £26.19 available from Etsy would work well on a muted blue or neutral sofa or paired with a bright pink throw.

Etsy tropical print cushion with banana leaf print. How to incorporate the tropical trend

Whilst Laura Ashley‘s exotic mix of prints, textures and bold colours used in their Spring/Summer collection is ideal for adding a tropical feel to your soft furnishings. Their statement collection features exotic birds, botanical prints and a range of bright, clashing prints in bold pinks, blues and greens (various prices.)

How to incorporate the tropical trend. Laura ashley's spring/ summer collection

Or add a rainforest inspired Christian Lacroix silk cushion, £110.00 available from Amara Living. Team with bright velvet yellow scatter cushions to add a sense of dramatic glamour to your tropical themed interior.

Rainforest inspired Christian Lacroix silk cushion, £110.00 from Amara Living. How to incorporate the tropical theme into your interior.

Amongst the tropical décor, pineapple ornaments have rapidly increased in popularity as well. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes, there is definitely one to suit your interior space.

Our favourites are Goodnight Light’s Pina Colada Pineapple lamps, £68.85 which are a quirkier take on the trend. Available in a range of pastel and bright colours from Smallable, they are sure to add a touch of tropical to your night stand. Or try Oliver Bonas for a similar find, £80.00.

goodnight light pineapple lamp. Incorporating the tropical trend into your interior.

For a more sophisticated take on tropical, Laura Ashley’s Pineapple lamp base and shade, £75.00 is a great statement piece. Whilst House of Hackney‘s brass pineapple lamp stand and Palmeral ‘Malpas’ Lampshade, £350.00 has more of a classic, vintage feel.

They have a huge range of tropical themed lighting, featuring various pineapple bases, birds of paradise, botanical prints and palmeral printed shades in the Palmeral collection. The collection is the perfect mix of bold, palm leaf prints that has been applied to a range of soft-furnishings, clothes and tableware with pineapples thrown in for good measure.

house of hackney pineapple lamp. How to incorporate the tropical trend.

To embrace the tropical trend whole heartedly, our favourite tropical themed lamp comes from the jungle. Conjuring up images of monkey swinging through leafy palms, exotic flowers and wild animals, the Seletti monkey lamp available from Amara Living, £205.00 would really make a statement in your interior.

Seletti monkey lamp available at Amara. How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior

Or instead of a statement lamp, various ornaments or pineapple storage are also key items to purchase. Great for hiding away all your bits and bobs, the range of pots and storage jar designs could be used as a quirky biscuit tin in a kitchen or in a living room. The Pols Potten golden pineapple below would be a great feature piece in any room, available from Amara Living, £57.00.

pineapple storage pot/ ornament. How to incorporate the tropical trend into your interior.

Whilst Ebay have a range of pineapple accessories and statement décor up for sale or auction like vintage trinket boxes, bookends and ornaments in eye-catching golds, silver or spray them pastel coloured for a modern twist.

Or for those who want to be understated but still add tropical décor to their home, Kate of featured these lovely little plaster pineapple succulent planters on her blog back in February. They are the perfect balance when incorporating a key trend without spoiling your existing interior style. Created by Janneke who runs Etsy stationary shop Papermaché each charming, little pineapple pot is £12 each.

Pineapple succulent plaster pots by Janneke, who runs Papermaché, £12 each. How to incorporate the tropical trend.

We also found a white ceramic pineapple jar from Graham & Green, £35.00. That is the perfect feature to provide a sense of tropical whimsy without being too much of a bold statement.

Graham and green ceramic pineapple jar. How to incorporate the tropical trend.

3) Don’t change your whole interior just to incorporate a trend. Not everyone will want to see pineapples year long, so don’t feel like you need to re-design your whole interior scheme just to incorporate a trend. Why not add tropical accents to complement an existing interior scheme instead.

Or try adding an unexpected pop of colour to a tired colour scheme with your accessories. Thornback & Peel‘s new Pineapple range offers a bright, fun way to incorporate tropical touches of yellow into a neutral kitchen without it feeling overpowering. With its summery, pineapple repeat print adorning the Pineapple Apron, £24.95, Pineapple Tea Towel, £12.95 and their Pineapple Hankerchief Set, £14.95 the collection is a quick, easy way to add just a touch of tropical to your interior.

How to incorporate the Tropical Trend into your interior. Pineapple print apron from Thornback & Peel.

Or try Bed, Bath & Beyond‘s Poolside Palms Dinnerware Collection, £1.42-£7.13 to add a palmeral twist to your table, team with natural or bamboo place mats for an instant tropical touch without changing your interior too much.

Bed Bath and Beyond poolside palms dinnerware collection. Incorporating the tropical trend

So from palm prints to pineapples, we hope our tropical trends post has inspired you to add a tropical twist to your interior. Whether it be a statement palm print wall, or bold item of furniture. Or just a subtle nod to the trend, with the growing popularity for all things tropical we’re sure there is the perfect tropical touch for your interior.

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Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design ideas
Sex and the City 2 Set Design (Part 2 of 2)


In our last Sex and the City 2 Set Designs Part 1, we showed you where to buy our pick of Sex and the City inspired interior pieces to recreate the exotic, Moroccan interiors. This week we continue our SATC Interiors Inspired ‘Splurge or Save’ blog series, back in New York. We share our favourite interior pieces, focused on each characters personal, interior style created by Set Designer Lydia Marks of Marks & Frantz Interior Design & Decoration.

Carrie & Big’s Apartment: French Décor & Parisian Interior Trends

Back in New York the interior style is a million miles away from the middle-eastern, eclectic mix of patterns and colour we saw in Morocco. We get to see Carrie and Big’s chic apartment that is sleek, stylish and oh so grown up. No longer just a representation of Carrie’s style, their apartment represents their tastes as a couple. “We wanted to create a space that was elegant but also felt like their home”says Production Designer Jeremy Conway. “It would be grown-up and it would reflect their relationship now… particularly if Carrie had been working on it for two years” he continues. In the two years that have passed Carrie and Big have left their penthouse apartment and moved 12 flights down, “Carrie is trying to make a new apartment for the two of them, not just for her,” Jeremy Conway continues.

Everything we see in their apartment is new and has been chosen to reflect them both with a definite masculine and more grown-up feel. For Carrie’s apartment, layers and texture play an important role as well as the scale and character of 1930’s French Décor. “We tried to retain the scale and character of the period, we chose very high quality, solid, linear and often vintage furniture” notes Marks. “We rented a lot of pieces, including the chair at Carrie’s drop-down desk, sconce’s for the bathroom, and the dining room table” says Marks. “His collection has beautiful finishes, the scale of the pieces was perfect for our sets, and the choices are amazing” she continues. A lot of her set design choices were sourced from Alan Moss studios in Manhattan, like their 1940’s vintage, ebony dining table seen below, by Dominique available from Alan Moss,at 1stDibs. Price on request.

Carrie & Big’s Dining Room

The vintage Alan Moss dining table in Big & Carries Sex and the city 2 apartment. Set design inspired interior design ideas.

To recreate their stylish dining area you could try 1stdibs for a great range of authentic, vintage pieces, or visit an antique dealer to find an original French dining table. There are some great high street finds too,  invest in Laura Ashley’s solid, birch Garrat Chestnut Oval Dining Table for less than an original would cost you (£700.00.) We also found an amazing replica dark wood extending oval dining table by Furniture Choice UK, which is a bargain Ebay find seen below, £299.99.

Carrie & big replica Townhouse dark wood extending oval dining table available on Ebay. Set design inspired interior design ideas.

Lighting is a key feature throughout Carrie and Big’s apartment. We often see an ornate, ceiling lamp or pair of symmetrical, statement lamps in each room. Above the dining table, an oxidized-metal chandelier by Property can be seen, price unknown. We found a similar splurge-worthy pieces, like the Ulysses chandelier by Arteriors available at DFO, £799.67. Or save with the Bramham Pendant light by Lights on, Lights off, £48.00, or the Eila cutwork metal shade by John Lewis is a cheaper alternative, £45.99. Our favourite though is’s geometric Freddie ceiling shade seen below, £45.00.

Sex and the City set design inspired interior ideas.'s Freddie metal drum shade.

Another of our favourite pieces are Carrie’s feminine, custom-made chairs upholstered in “Belgravia” fabric by Lee Jofa. The design elements represent both Big and Carrie Production Designer Jeremy Conway states, describing how “combining masculine elements, such as linear, mid-century furnishings and dark woods, with whimsical rugs and cheerful fabrics “reflects Carrie’s décor choices paired with Big’s masculine furniture. The beautiful upholstery fabric in this colourway is now discontinued but the Belgravia fabric is still available in various colourways online elsewhere. Houzz shared a similar embroided scroll chain fabric, £29.56 per yard that could be a great alternative if you want to recreate a Carrie inspired dining area.

Carrie & Big’s Kitchen

SATC 2 Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas. Carrie and Big's apartment scene where they stand in front of their kitchen backsplash. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

From their dining room, the beautiful, gleaming kitchen backsplash can be seen behind Carrie and Big. Created with custom-made, three-dimensional tiles with a carbon glaze and a silvery sheen, it is a bold and modern statement that really draws the eye. Carrie isn’t much of a cook, so we know the kitchen has been designed with Big in mind, however we adore how their mix of Big’s Scandi-mid-century modern furniture, sleek, custom sideboards and bold tiles are teamed with feminine touches of Carrie. Like her choice of decorative rugs, floral arrangements and romantic touches seen throughout their apartment.

If you want to recreate the Scandinavian-chic look, the made to order, oval, dimensional tiles in Opal Blue are available at Heath Tile, price on request. Or if can’t afford to splurge like Carrie but love the modern look, keep the tiling simple with bright, blue Metro tiles. Or what about PVC kitchen wallpaper? Not only is it temporary, it is a cost effective option that is easy to apply too. Kitchen Walls are a Netherlands based company that sell a fantastic range of water and heat resistant designs, from £88.58 a roll. Each roll comes with a special glue to apply to the walls instead of paper,  so you can easily hang, remove and reuse again. Winner!

Dutch tiles like Carrie. SATC set design inspired interior design ideas

For a wall like Carrie & Big the Dutch, Delfts blue tile design is perfect to recreate their eye-catching, blue tile wall. Or to add a pop of colour be brave with our favourite, a bold mustard & white pattern by designer, Kirath Ghundoo instead. See their full collection of PVC wallpapers designs here.

If re-tiling your walls isn’t an option, invest in a beautiful rug instead. A lot of their rugs, like the Adalia Wool Rug feature a similar geometric, tiled design to line your kitchen floor with. A range of rugs are available at Joss & Main. Or tile your floor instead, mixing Scandi style with a Moroccan, mosaic twist. Harvey Maria do a great Neisha Crosland Parquet tile design in a bright turquoise shade, £47.89 per square metre.

Sex and the City 2 apartment.SATC 2 set design inspired interior design ideas. Joss & Main's Adalia Wool Rug

Or splurge on Carrie’s kitchen favourite, the Starflower Blue rug by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for The Rug Company, £835 per m2. The Rug Company, whose pieces have been used across both film’s interiors are luxurious and ooze style, which fits perfectly with Carrie’s style. “Their carpets are designed by fashion designers, what could be more appropriate that that?” states Marks, describing the way each room reflects Carrie’s character and tastes perfectly. “Carrie’s into rugs so you see her taste in those, and Big’s in the furniture, which is very retro mid-century, his growing up-era.” Production Designer Jeremy Conway continues, referencing the bold mix of influences and different era’s merged together to create a unique interior style.

Carrie & Big's apartment kitchen in the sex and the city 2 movie. Set design inspired interior ideas.

joss and main mid-century modern style table and chairs. Carrie & Big's kitchen inspired idea. SATC 2 Set design inspired interior design.

We love Carrie & Big’s rosewood table and chairs. If you can’t afford to invest in an authentic, vintage mid-century modern furniture set like their Ercol-style table and chairs, Joss & Main’s 5-Piece Crosby Dining Set, £210.95 is a very similar style dining set. Or to complement your mix of vintage accessories, try adding a 1960’s pendant lamp to hang above. The Lighting Company’s Rowan glass and gold pendant light is a  modern take on Carrie’s vintage drop pendant light, £183.90. Try Ebay for a cheaper, vintage, industrial-looking, milk glass, flared pendant light, or Etsy seller LampGoods also do a great selection like this vintage, milk-glass pendant shade, £58.99.

Or if you want to splurge, Joss & Main’s copper Baroni Pendant is a great, modern alternative which can be seen below, limited availability £97.95. Joss & Main have a large selection of other lighting available here, but be quick as their flash sales mean products sell out pretty fast.

Joss & Main's Baroni Pendant in Copper. Statement lighting inspired by Sex and the City 2 Set designs.

Carrie & Big’s Living Room

Carrie & Big's Sex and the City 2 apartment. Their beautiful living room. SATC 2 set design inspired interior design ideas.

In Carrie & Big’s grown-up living room a beautiful Montauk sofa in a Donghia relief, blue, silk velvet fabric sits between two 1940’s, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings armchairs. For the sofa, the Jane 3 seater soft blue velvet model from Modern is a similar find for £748.00. Whilst’s Jonah 2-seater sofa in cobalt-blue velvet is a cheaper alternative for £599.00.

Colour palette plays a key role for set designer Lydia Marks. When dressing the sets throughout Mark’s worked hard to compliment each character’s costumes. “A lot of the furniture upholstery and curtain fabrication needed to happen before the costumes were finished being selected. We chose the blue Donghia fabric for Carrie’s sofa partially because we thought it would look amazing with the dress she wears in the final scene of the film.” says Marks.

Marks was also responsible for sourcing Carrie’s chairs from Bergdorf Goodman, £8567.89 for the pair. “I was at Bergdorf’s looking for a table runner for Charlotte’s long, formal dining table. I turned and there were these two exquisite blue armchairs. They became the centrepiece of Big and Carrie’s living room, and I ended up basing a lot of the other furniture on these chairs” says Marks. “The furniture had to work with the beautifully designed architecture to achieve success as a whole. Most contemporary furniture felt too massive for the space, that was a compelling reason for using so much vintage furniture on the set.” She continues, referring to the beautiful pieces picked to dress each of the fabulous sets.

Carrie and Bigs Living room from another angle. Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design ideas.

From the angle above, we see that their living room is a mix of strong lines and furniture with hard edges to represent Big. Whilst “Carrie comes through in the layering of the furniture and the personal object, books, textiles and collections” Marks states. He references the beautiful back-lit cupboards used to display Carrie’s books and unique items, as well as their Ninfea coffee table seen above, price on request. We found a great alternative at Overstock, the Berkley modern coffee table has pull-out drawers to recreate your own book stand. It’s also great for displaying your collection of personal objects like Carrie’s, for only £112.99.

We also spied her fantastic vintage, Foo Dog statues she uses as bookends to prop up her huge selection of books. We found a great replica pair on Etsy, (£31.46) whilst Laura Ashley’s pair of ceramic dog ornament are a fantastic find for £50.00. Or splurge on an authentic pair like the Foo Dogs listed here on Ebay.

SATC 2 Set Design inspired furniture and soft-furnishings. The American Berkley Modern Coffee Table to recreate Carrie's living room

Laura Ashley ornamental Foo Dogs. SATC 2set design inspired interior design ideas.Carrie’s style has definitely evolved since moving in with Big. It seems more glamorous and expensive, but it can easily be recreated. To create a similar sense of glamour in your living room, splurge on the Brodie Wing Chair by the Original Chair Company, £1160.00. Or invest in a statement chair like the Laura Ashley Addison Upholstered Occasional Chair in Tinsley Duck Egg fabric. It will give a contemporary, elegant look to any room, from £735.00 dependant on fabric choice.

Budget-friendly also offer a mid-century modern looking Carrie copy for less. The Scott armchair in a calico beige is a similar ‘Carrie’ inspired chair that can be seen below, for £429.00.

SATC 2 Set design inspired interior design ideas. Carrie and Big's living room. Carrie sitting in a vintage armchair.

Scott armchair by SATC 2 inspired Interior design ideas.

And it’s not just about the furniture. Her beautiful choice of soft furnishings add a feminine touch to each room, reflecting Carrie’s girly nature and creativity. Her beautiful, statement Marni Candy Flower rug available to buy at The Rug Company, £735 per m2 reflects her girly style perfectly. We found similar rugs here, £154.99 and here for £49.95.

Whilst her Birdie Blossom Cushion by Paul Smith by The Rug Company, £395.00 is also a definite Carrie touch. Splurge on a similar design like Heal’s Birds floral cushion by Kristjana S Williams, £125.00. Whilst Lee Jofa’s Hydrangea Bird cushion can be seen below, £140.15 available from Houzz. Not on the High Street is also worth visiting for cheaper alternatives, The Forest & Co’s Birds of Paradise velveteen cushion at £49.00 is a similar design that we love. Or Laura Ashley’s Summer Palace duck egg cushion is a beautiful floral and bird pairing that can be seen below, £48.00.  

Carrie's Living Room closeup. Recreate the SATC 2 Set design inspired looks for less

Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design trends. Hydrangea Bird cushion by Avosetta Home available on Houzz.

Sex and the City 2 Set Design inspired interior design ideas. Laura Ashley Summer Palace duck egg cushion.

In the rest of their gorgeous living room the beautiful, custom-made, blue, Lola ottoman by Anne Kyyro Quinn can be seen, price on request. “We needed to have Carrie sit on an ottoman for an important scene, and I was not sure what padded and upholstered pillow would be up to the task. Anne Kyro Quinn’s original piece, made in our choice of colour and size, was the perfect solution. I chose blue because it worked well with the deeper browns in the room, it was a pop of brightness. In addition, it was close in colour to Carrie’s blue walls in her old apartment, which was like bringing a little piece of the old Carrie into this new environment” says Marks.

Carrie & Big in their apartment's living room. Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior ideas. The custom-made Lola pouffe by Anne Kyyro Quinn.But if custom-made is out the question Overstock’s Ella blue tufted round velvet ottoman is a great alternative. A beautiful, blue shade and budget-friendly, the stunning ottoman is only £147.51. Or our favourite is the ornate, Tracy Porter Annistion upholstered cocktail ottoman that is a definite Carrie piece that can be seen below, £328.93.

Recreate Carries living room with a Tracy Porter Annistion Cocktail Ottoman. Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior trends. In the rest of the living room, the walls are kept neutral and are covered in glamorous, textured wallpaper and cashmere. The sophisticated, neutral palette of earthy browns and blues contrast against the greens, walnut and teak of the statement furniture throughout to represent Carrie’s character. We found an incredible range of textured wallpapers to splurge on online, our favourite is the Maya Romanoff’s Crepe Suzette pleated fabric wallcovering. Both of the shades dark truffle or champagne could be used to recreate Big & Carrie’s living room walls, price on request. Or visit Altfield London for a larger range of textured wallcoverings.

To get their stylish look for less, we recommend the rich, chocolatey Tussah silk pleat wallpaper by Zoffany that is a very similar shade available from Fashion Wallpaper, £54.95 a roll. Or opt for painted walls instead, paint with a Parisian, French grey like Found Fossil, a deep, cool neutral shade by Dulux to unite your hallway and living room walls like Carrie & Big’s.

From the living room their beautiful earthy, dark colour scheme continues into the grand foyer. Whilst Carrie’s bright furniture, statement rugs and accessories ensure each room feels airy and bright, providing pops of colours to the neutral background throughout each room. Her abstract, gold painting on the living room wall adds warmth and a focal point on the walls, recreate the look with a bold, gold contemporary canvas by Jimarieart on Etsy, £31.72. Or visit an art dealer for a splurge-worthy, one-off if you want to add a statement, feature piece to a muted, dark colour wall.

Carrie & Big's living room and hallway apartment shot. Sex and the City set design inspired interior design ideas.

Carrie’s feminine touches continue to add playful texture and pattern to the interior. The beautiful, floral curtains that frame each window were made from two layers of Osborne and Little sheers to bring depth, pattern and a sense of sophisticated drama to the design. We love the swirling, velvet patterning of Osborne and Little’s Samba – shade MLF2154-01. Layer over contrasting blue linens to recreate Carrie’s style, price on request.

To create the look for less, layer up floral sheer curtains over faux-silk curtains for a dramatic look. Try Ebay’s selection of sheer panels or try JCPenney who stock a great range online. Layer a pair of ivory, Laura Ashley Rothbury sheer panels available at JCPenney, £61.22 over blue, silk curtain panels for added glamour.

In their secondary seating area at the back of the living room, their mid-century modern, cane-back club chairs provide another area for Carrie and Big to relax in. Look for similar style finds on Ebay, search for vintage pair of cane back club chairs, or buy a leather tub chair, £64.99. Or this antique Bergere chair is currently listed for auction on Ebay. Even though their apartment is ultra glamorous, the space is practical with zones for different activities in every room.

Zoned with luxury, designer rugs like the Stupa Silver rug by Suzanne Sharp, £1,135 per m2, each area is decorated differently with lots of layering and detail. The space also features another Carrie print, a large overhead lamp like’s similar black, large bow lamp for £99.00. As well as a dark wood, vintage, round table to compliment their choice in chairs, a fresh, floral arrangement  and a dark fireplace fill the space.

Carrie and Big's living room seating area complete with club chairs, Osbourne and little sheer curtains and a large rug. Sex and the city set design inspired interior design trends.

Carrie & Big’s Hallway & Library

SATC 2 grand foyer entrance and shot into the library and hallway in Carrie and Big's apartment. Set design inspired interior design trends.

Setting the tone for their whole apartment, the grand foyer is decorated in warm tones of neutral and paired with shades of blue.  The colour scheme continue into the library, bedroom and living room with texture and pattern also playing a key role. Carrie’s fabulous eclectic accessories take centre stage however, displayed on top of a traditional, dark wood console table. We love the dark wood, Denton console table with brushed copper top from Swoon editions, £249 if you’re after a unique looking console. Or copy Carrie’s classic look for less with World Stores Classic Chinese Black Console Table that can be seen below, £295.99.

World Stores Nine Schools Classic Chinese Black 2 Drawer Console Table. Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design ideas. Carrie and Big's foyer hallway.We love her fabulous hat box, sea glass vase and the elegant pair of vintage, striped lamps on display. Splurge on a pair of similar vintage, Murano lamps by Barbini available at 1stDibs, or trawl Ebay for vintage, mid-century regency table lamps, like styles similar to this vintage brass stiffel pair.

Our other favourite Carrie pieces are her quirky, chic pieces like the butterfly terrarium or the unique, hallway mirror seen below. Splurge on Trend First’s glass butterfly dome, £1,150. Or we found a range of Butterfly domes on Ebay. Various styles available from £14.11- £221.30. For a mirror similar to Carrie’s, World Stores offer a larger, gold, metal shaped mirror for £134.99.

Big and carries library hallway lighting. sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas by adelman studios

We found great alternatives however if Carrie’s is a little over budget. Try creating a show-stopping cluster of hand-blown glass, Acid Drops Pendants, £375-£450. Available from award winning, UK lighting designer Esther Patterson, the founder of Curiousa & Curiousa. Her beautiful, bespoke, hand-blown designs are free-blown without moulds allowing for any shape, size or colour to be achieved. Curiousa&Curiousa also offer a bespoke design service for custom-made orders or large scale projects, previously designing bespoke creations for the likes of Harvey Nichols, the Royal Albert Hall, Jamie Oliver and TK Maxx.

Bespoke, custom hand-blown lighting design by by Esther Patterson of Curiousa&Curiousa. Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design ideasOr splurge on a custom-made XL Bubble Chandelier by Jean Pelle, £2501.34. Apartment Therapy have a ‘How to create a DIY Bubble Chandelier’ tutorial on their blog to create the look for less, or try Light in the Box’s modern, glass bubble chandelier available at Amazon for a cheaper alternative, £108.12.

Carrie & Big’s Bedroom

Carrie and Big's bed, Sex and the City 2 Set design inspired interior design ideas.

In their bedroom, French décor styling provides a glamorous, grand feel to the spacious room that features a striking blend of texture and patterns. The bed is a statement feature designed with both Big and Carrie in mind, “we knew they had to have an important conversation integral to the story line in this bed, so Jeremy designed the bed to envelop them.” States Marks referencing the side returns and exaggerated-height, custom headboard covered in Velvet Gate Tuxedo fabric by Kravet, which re-enforces the feeling of enclosure.

The statement design of the Frances tufted bed frame by Joss and Main, £240.95 is a strikingly similar find (limited availability) or the Bergerac double bed, £749.00. With a tufted, exaggerated headboard and sides that could be covered in a similar fabric to recreate the look, try upholstering in the Black and White Moroccan Trellis Pattern Fabric, £8.25 per yard available from Zazzle.

Signature Frances Upholstered Bed Frame in Grey by Joss and Main. Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design ideas

Complete the look by splurging on bedding from Anichini like Carrie in caramel’s, pinks and creams. Or save with a mix of neutrals, creams and taupe bedding from H&M, various prices. Or this cream, velvet textured throw from Fabulous Home Furnishings is only £24.99.

Behind the grand bed a statement, neutral Rococo striped wallpaper by Cole & Son covers the walls, £61.28. Our favourite statement picks for less are Laura Ashley’s Josette White/Dove Grey Damask Wallpaper, £34.00 a roll. Or try the Tetbury Sable patterned wallpaper, £44.00 a roll also from Laura Ashley. We also noticed a pair of beautiful bedside lamps sitting on top of a pair of matching dark wood bedside tables either side of the bed. Joss & Main’s cream lamps below, or the Imogen crystal table lamps are also a perfect pair of similar styled lamps, 182.95.

Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas.Imogen pair of Table Lamps by Joss & Main.

Close up of Carries bedroom, complete with designer rugs. Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas.

Other features in the room include a seating area designed specifically for Carrie in mind, seen above. “So much of the apartment was designed for Big, so we wanted to create an area in the bedroom that is just for Carrie to think, read and reflect” says Marks. Carrie’s girly, reading area features a black ribbon chair, furry cushion, glass table and a vintage reading lamp. We are also obsessed with the statement Peony rug by Helen Amy Murray available from The Rug Company seen below, £835 p/m2. It is a beautiful, feminine design that compliments the room perfectly.

Sex and the city set design inspired interior design ideas. Helen amy murray peony rug.You could splurge on vintage pieces at 1stDibs or save by recreating the look with high street finds. Our favourites finds for less are the Gillmore Space Walter Circular Glass Top Side Table from CFS, £116.10. A very similar cream, 3d rose effect rug for a fraction of the cost on Ebay, £114.19. Or copy Carrie with a statement black chair to sit and unwind in, like the Josef armchair in charcoal available at Swoon editions, £379.00.

Another Carrie touch in their bedroom is another beautiful, statement rug that lines the dark wood floor, the Harem rug by Tamsin De Roemer, £835 per m2 from the Rug Company. The large, floral design can be seen poking out from under their bed is a large, luxurious, floral print. We found a similar design for a lot less though, like the infinitie poppy rug available at the Rug Retailer. It comes in a range of colours & sizes, from £45.45- £140.97.

Carrie and Big's bedroom, Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design ideas.

In the film, a heated argument regarding an old black and white TV takes place between Big & Carrie, which is beautifully hidden away in a Thomas O’Brien Hallings Secretary by Hickory Chair. The beautiful dresser can be seen above, with a rented, vintage Alan Moss chair, but unfortunately the dresser is no longer available. Used earlier in the film as a writing desk, the secretary doubles up as a handy TV stand later on, which is a chic, multi-purpose storage idea you could copy. We found a great selection of second-hand writing desks and bureau’s on Ebay and here that could be used double as TV stand/writing desks. Team with a vintage, parlour chair like Carrie’s vintage find.

Other features to mention are the beautiful window treatments consisting of a mix of textures layers, pleated silk blackout curtains and ornate passementerie detailing. They add a sense of dramatic glamour to the bedroom windows. We found similar ready-made curtain on Ebay, £18.00. Or splurge on a pair of Laura Ashley made to measure curtain in duck egg Dupion Silk, price on request.

To add your own eye-catching touches to your windows try Zoffany. Or Houles a small, French, family-run company specialise in exquisite trims and upholstery details, like Carrie’s exquisite tassel trim. Or save by visiting online retailer Warehouse Fabrics Inc, who have an amazing selection of fabrics, trims and drapery fabrics for a lot less.

Carrie’s Closet

Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas. Carrie's closet

The Piece de resistance once again in their apartment is Carrie & Big’s closet. Not as grand as the one Big had made for her in the last film, the his and hers closet is still a show stopper in its own right. A functional, more subdued design than features Big’s dark wood detailed, streamlined, masculine side on the left. Whilst Carrie’s right-hand side of the walk-in closet is white and illuminated, stocked with a designer wardrobe by Net-a-porter.”The wow factors are the woodwork and the hardware.” says Marks, “it’s more grown up and sophisticated” she continues.

We love the illuminated shoe shelving display towards the back of the closet, each back-lit shelf proudly displays Carrie’s designer shoe collection in all it’s glory. If you want to recreate the look for less, and give everyone you know major closet envy Lights Suppier stock fluorescent illuminated box shelf lighting from £45.00. Or splurge by using a bespoke lighting installation company to makeover your closet.

Carries closet close up, Sex and the City 2 set design inspired interior design ideas

We also love the chic bench the middle of the closet, perfect for getting ready. Save with the Better Living Jemma Cream Renu Leather Large Bench, £80.79, or the Jonah upholstered bench designed by James Harrison for, £249. The French Bedroom Company’s Fawn velvet bedroom bench is also a beautiful, similar style for £425.00. But our favourite is the Kidworth upholstered bench in Adele natural fabric below from Laura Ashley, from £900.00. It’s a beautifully feminine style bench with flared arms and matching cushions, that would be a feature in any room.

Close up of the bench in the closet. Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas

Laura Ashley Kidworth bench Sex and the city 2 set design interior design ideas

Carrie & Big’s Bathroom

We don’t get to see much of it in the film, but we adore the glimpse we get of their practical, stylish bathroom. The simple, elegant design features his and hers sinks, vintage Alan Moss sconce’s and plenty of storage. It’s perfect for all their bits and bobs. The sink storage unit is stylish and great for hiding things away in the drawers underneath the beautiful, grey, marbled topper.

The space, although small feels light and airy. Up-lit shelving is used to display Carrie’s ornate perfume bottles and cosmetics and lights up the whole room. Adding artificial light to an enclosed bathroom space adds a feminine touch to the room and makes it feel brighter.

Carrie and Bigs bathroom Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas

Charlotte’s Kitchen

Whilst Carrie and Big’s apartment is style-driven and glamorous, Charlotte’s Park Avenue home is more traditional. Her beautiful, dream kitchen takes centre stage, predominantly white and minimalist, with colourful accents offset with stainless steel appliances. Production Designer Jeremy Conway chose a neutral scheme to reflect Charlotte’s perfectionist nature, and as a neutral background to the mountain of girly cupcakes laid out across all the surface space.

We love the choices Set Decorator Lydia Marks made, choosing a bright, pom-pom tasselled pastel blind and bright, red knobs on her Wolf range. The white and grey diamond, ceramic tiles also add a subtle hint of pattern and colour to her simple, but typically ‘Charlotte’ interior scheme. Also creating  a clean, polished look without appearing overly clinical.

Charlotte York's Kitchen Sex and the City film. Interior design set design inspired ideas

We also get a glimpse of her modern kitchen appliances, immaculately stocked pantry and of course their cute matching Jessica Steele Cupcake Aprons, from £23.00. We could see Thornback & Peel’s Jelly & Cake apron, £25.00 as a bright addition in Charlotte’s kitchen. Alongside a matching window blind in the same delightful raspberry jelly & cake ivory linen print, £95.00 p/m. As well as the matching jelly & cake tea towel, £12.95 & oven glove, £27.00 to complete the look.

Charlotte's kitchen sex and the sity 2 set design inspired interior design ideas. Thornback & Peel Raspberry jelly cake ivory linen fabric.


Charlotte’s Bathroom

The bathroom follows the same muted colour palette, with clean lines and minimal detailing. Again the neutral and mostly cream palette is typically Charlotte. The look is clean, with a perfectionist feel and a hint of femininity added by the dainty, floral wallpaper seen on the back wall. The beautiful Laura floral rose wallpaper is a ditzy rose print in a pastel pink shade seen below, only £4.00 a roll from B&Q. Or splurge on Laura Ashley’s Abbeville pink/natural wallpaper, a mini floral design on a neutral background, £33.00 a roll.

Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas Charlotte's bathroom tub

Sex and the City 2 Set Design inspired interior design ideas. Laura ditzy floral wallpaper by B&Q

 Samantha’s Office

In the film, we also get to see Samantha’s modern, which shouts minimalism. White, metal and Lucite dominate, the whole space exudes glamour just like her character. With Time Square as a backdrop, the space features minimal detailing consisting of a Vitra desk, white accessories and orange accents. “The oversize billboards, the advertisements, the energy of it is everything that she’s about.” says Production Designer Jeremy Conway.

Sex and the city 2 set design interior inspired ideas. Samantha's modern, glamorous new york office.

To recreate her office space, splurge like Samantha on the Joyn single bench table designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra, £1,528.23. Or save with Ikea’s Klimpen trestle table, £110.00. Or the Linnmon table seen below, £23.00. Team with the Lillhojden chair, £55.00 and bright orange storage boxes, £11.99 at Viking to recreate her sophisticated, polished look for less.

Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas. Samantha's office, Ikea Linnmon table.

Miranda’s Apartment

Although not much has changed since the last film in Miranda’s more traditional home, we love the period, pre-war architectural features of her down to earth home. The blue, carved mill work arch above her stove is an eye-catching feature in a particular scene. Recreate the look by visiting White River for a range of mouldings, corbels and kitchen applications to transform your kitchen. The rest of her home reflects Miranda’s character, colours chosen by Marks’ were earthy tones, moss greens and reds to reflect Miranda’s traditional, laid-back interior style.

Miranda, kitchen detail. Sex and the city 2 movie set design inspired interior design ideas.

And so, we come to the end of our Set Design Inspired Interior Trends Series. What these films do collectively is to provide a rich visual reference for ideas that can be applied to any interior design scheme. Wes Anderson’s use of colour and props has already generated design schemes that reference his films. He designed the bar for Fondazione Prada’s art space which opened in May this year.

Whilst the Great Gatsby’s set design has inspired a resurging interest in all things Art Deco. And Sex and the City 2 created a demand for the bespoke and all the elements that were available to buy directly from suppliers. There are a lot of other movies with amazing set design, all that is needed is the pause button to get a good screen shot of the inspiration for your next interior design scheme.

If you have enjoyed reading our set design splurge or save series and want to further your knowledge in interior design, we have a range of courses available from diploma to MA level. Visit our course page for an overview of our interior design courses. Alternatively you can contact us directly by phone on +44(0)1159 123 412 or via email:

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Sex and the City 2 Set design inspired interior design trends. The National Design Academy.
Sex and the City 2 Set Designs (Part 1 of 2)

Sex and the City 2 Set Designs: Influencing Interior Design Trends (Part 1 of 2)

We hope you enjoyed our last Set Design: Sex and the City Interior Design Trends (Part 1) blog post based on the 1st SATC movie?

This week we continue our Sex and the City Set Design: Interior Design Trend Series, drawing inspiration once again from the fabulously, style-driven sets by Set Designer Lydia Marks of Marks & Frantz from the Sex and the City 2 film. In Part 1, we show you how to recreate the Moroccan interior style, and where to buy the film’s signature pieces for a lot less, so grab your Manolo Blahnik’s and join us for our SATC 2 Set Design: Interiors Inspired ‘Splurge or Save’ blog post.

The Sex and the City 2 movie cast: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Set Design inspired Interior Design Trends blog post by the National Design Academy.

Inspired by the Middle-Eastern Moroccan mix of prints and patterns in pink and jewel tones and the scale and character of 1930’s French Décor, the fabulous set designs for Sex and the City 2 are thanks to the incredibly talented interior design skills of Set Designer Lydia Marks of Marks & Frantz. In the second film, we found ourselves lusting over their amazing interior styling choices again, from exotic furniture, rugs and décor in Morocco to Carrie’s even more amazing closet back in New York.

Once again, the characters get to experience a lifestyle that most of us could only dream about in the SATC sequel, with the fabulous four jet off on vacation to ‘Abu Dhabi’ this time around. From the extravagant hotel interiors and exotic styling on their travels to Carrie’s chic, new apartment we pick our favourite splurge-worthy pieces from the set designs or tell you where to find them for less.

We join the Sex and the City ladies two years on from the last movie after we finally saw Carrie and Mr Big finally get married at City Hall, Charlotte gave birth to biological daughter, Rose. Miranda forgave Steve after he cheated on her, and Samantha has moved back to New York after breaking up with Smith Jerrod. We briefly get to see how the characters homes and styles have evolved accordingly in the two year gap before Samantha is offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Abu Dhabi by her client, so of course invites the rest of them to join her for a women-only retreat.

The SATC ladies enjoying the views from their glamorous Moroccan hotel balcony. Sex and the city 2 set design inspired interior design ideas.

Middle-Eastern Inspired Interior Trends:

Although they jet off to Abu Dhabi in the film (each get their own private 1st class suite on their plane no less) their extravagant vacation scenes were actually filmed in Morocco. We see the glamorous SATC ladies arrive at Marrakech’s unmistakable Menara International Airport, which deserves a mention due to it’s eco- architectural design. Gracing the pages of many an architectural journal, it has beautiful, giant diamond-shaped windows and patterned concrete throughout that echoes traditional Arabic and Moroccan motifs and the ornate solar panels in the roof are also a beautiful mosaic pattern.

Once whisked away from the airport, each chauffeured in their own Mercedes-Benze Maybachs no less, the characters arrive for their stay in the glamorous, 6-star palace-like Amanjena Hotel in the exclusive Palmeraie district and one of the famed luxury Aman Resorts. The Morocco hotel was empty prior to shooting, Marks was responsible for the interior decoration for each scene filmed in the hotel. Whilst the cast themselves were actually rumoured to of stayed at the luxurious La Mamounia Hotel instead whilst filming.

Moroccan inspired Living & Dining Room ideas

Sex and the City Set Design Interior Design Trends. The luxurious Amanjena Hotel interior in Morocco. Pink living room.

The Amanjena is an extravagant, grand hotel designed by the American architect Ed Tuttle. Complete with ornate, traditional Moroccan detail throughout, the hotel boasts x 32 luxury pavilions, private courtyards and Arab-style fountains. Lots of hidden-away, cosy seating areas are decorated in a sumptuous pink and orange colour theme, with large sofas and traditional Moroccan furniture that create a romantic feel throughout make us want to recreate each space and copy the fabulous colour theme too, that’s reminiscent of Pantone Colour of the Year 2011, Pantone 18-2120 (Honeysuckle) teamed with Pantone colour of the Year 2012, Pantone 17-1463 (Tangerine Tango.)

Whilst in the hotel’s restaurant below, muted oranges and pinks create a relaxed, romantic setting for diners. A petal- filled  fountain surrounded by beautiful, gleaming tile-work, expensive, golden table cloths draped across each table and large, ornate, golden candles holders dotted throughout could easily be recreated for a Moroccan dining experience.

The hotel's beautiful restaurant draped in floral pink petals and gold accents throughout. Sex and the city set design inspired interiors.

Following in the SATC ladies footsteps, who book into one of the hotel’s four 2-storey maisons, complete with their own private pool, cosy fireplaces and even a personal butler service. You could recreate the muted pink tones, sumptuous fabrics and ornate detailed tables that provide an Arabian feel to a sitting room, like below. Re-create the relaxed yet glamorous look by mixing fabrics, colours and textures in your home by incorporating a beautiful, feature rug into your scheme, like Joss & Main’s Arabian Cerise wool rug (below, £146.95) to provide a vibrant, statement pop of colour to your design.Or splurge on an authentic Hanbel woven rug from Morocco (£264.83- £622.70.)

Arabian style bright Joss & Main Cerise wool rug, Sex and the City set design inspired style.

Copy the SATC set design, beautiful living room interior overlooking the Private maison pool in the hotel.

Or brighten up your room with a touch of fushia. Scatter cushions like H&M’s pom pom cushion (below, £12.99) or the splurge-worthy Missoni Ormond cushion (seen below, £144.00, available at Amara) would both draw the eye, and would add elements of a Morocco interior to your design theme. Or you could extend the pink theme by pairing your pink toned cushions with a pastel coloured, modular sofa for a co-ordinated look.

H&M pom pom pink cushion SATC set design inspired interior design ideas.The Missoni Home Ormond Pink Cushion. Sex and the City Set Design inspired interior trends

We love the simple, streamlined sofa design by Jannis Ellenberger, splurge on The Rue petal apartment sofa is available from CB2 (seen below, £678.32). Or save on Ikea’s Klippan Two-seat sofa, in Kimstad light pink (£175.00.) Or add interest with a Morocco inspired piece of furniture,  Joss & Main’s golden, ceramic Cannes Stool provides an exotic, authentic looking Moroccan accent to any interior (£ 114.95) or try searching Ebay for similar style Moroccan tables to recreate the look for less.

SATC Set Design: simple, streamlined sofa design by Jannis Ellenberger (The Rue petal apartment sofa is available from CB2.

Moroccan inspired Bedroom ideas

The rest of the beautiful  hotel follows the same exotic colour scheme, in an array of jewel tones, mixed with muted pinks, oranges and reds throughout. Like the beautiful bedroom below that combines a romantic palette of raspberry, fiery orange walls and deep reds with gold accents. You could easily inject a pop of Moroccan inspired colour to your bedroom, go subtle with Joss and Main’s Marrakesh themed Eglo Pendant light, £29.95, or be bold by adding a statement piece of bedside furniture, like the beautiful Nadia beside table with mother-of-pearl inlays and a vine leaf design (seen below, also available at Joss and Main £362.95.)

Sex and the City Set Design inspired Interior Design trends: Mandarin Oriental bedroom interior

Sex and the City 2 Set design inspired interior design trends, Joss and Main Marrakesh Pendant light by Eglo

Nadia bedside table Joss and Main Set Design inspired interior design ideas from the SATC 2 movie.


Or save,  get crafty with stencils, paint and new crystal knobs instead to recreate the look for less like the talented Kaye from Curtainalia & Bel Cuscino. Lee Caroline, blog author of A World of Inspiration blogged about Kaye’s Moroccan Inspired Cabinet – Chalk Paint and Stencil Makeover project here which talks you through the step-by-step process of how to upcycle a cabinet.

Or if you want to channel Morocco in a more subtle way, an accent colour for your furnishings and accessories may be just the thing, without going OTT. We love the bright cerise pink shade of the cushions and rug seen in the beautiful bedroom of the Amanjena hotel above, why not try adding a few bright scatter cushions, like the handmade square jacquard cushion by Finnish designer Nora Nillson below, to add a Moroccan twist to your décor (seen below, available at Att Pynta, £42.00.) Or save with a fantastic pink and gold Aztec print cushion cover design from Etsy seller Fig Tree Baby, £22.78 or try the high street for cheaper, Moroccan themed alternatives.

Sex and the City 2 Set design interior design inspiration. Handmade square jacquard cushion aby Nora Nillson for Att Pynta

The hotel bedrooms boasts beautiful statement pieces of furniture throughout. We especially love the tufted bench and the unique, gold desk in the corner in the hotel’s design scheme. You can still recreate the look and save with a little DIY creativity, by painting the underside of your existing table and its legs in gold to add a glamorous touch to an ordinary desk. Little Green Notebook has a fantastic ‘how to’ tutorial to show you turn an ordinary Ikea table into a stylish, expensive looking desk with just some Rustoleum metallic, gold spray paint! Or if you can afford to splurge, invest in a vintage, Art Deco style table like the round brass geometric coffee table with glass top from 1st dibs (£2001.74.)

Sex and the City set design inspired interior design: Round Brass Geometric Rings Coffee Table with Glass Top

Moroccan inspired Garden ideas & exteriors

Taking a step back from the glamorous hotel interiors, the amazing desert scenes in the film were filmed in the Erg Chebbi dunes, close to the town of Merzouga in the Western Sahara. We see the characters having a glamorous desert picnic in a light, airy tent after their camel ride and three clothing changes later. If you want to recreate a Moroccan inspired look, but can’t makeover your interior why not try creating an Arabian hide-away or an exotic pergola structure in your garden for those balmy, summer nights spent outdoors? Our Small Garden, Big Ideas blog post might give you some further garden design inspiration too.

SATC 2 set design inspired interior design ideas, Moroccan picnic in the desert.

We love their collection of sumptuous, silk cushions, knitted throws and floor cushions & pouffes. To recreate the look why not add a selection of scatter cushions to your outdoor space in neutral, florals and pinks. Our favourite soft furnishings to splurge on are the GP & J Baker Flora Cushion & GP & J Baker Polperro Cushion (£87.00 and £80.00 both available at Amara.)

Sex and the City Set Design Interior Design Ideas: splurge on are the GP & J Baker Flora Cushion & GP & J Baker Polperro Cushion (£87.00 and £80.00 both available at Amara.)

Or find a great selection of glamorous, silk look cushion covers to recreate the look for less at H&M and Dunelm. Our top picks, the Hotel Oyster Pintuck Collection Cushion (£4.99), the Natural Sandringham Collection Cushion (£6.99) or our favourite below, the Moroccan looking Balinese Cushion (£9.99.) Then add a selection of candle holders and gold lanterns for extra decoration and a sense of glamour, splurge on John Lewis’ large Gold cut-out hurricane lantern (£35.00) or save with H&M’s similar ornate gold lantern or their small, Arabian inspired tealight holders (lantern £6.99, tealight holders £2.99.)

Sex and the City Set Design inspired Interior Design Trends. The Moroccan looking Balinese Cushion £9.99. from Dunelm

For seating the SATC women sit on larger cushions, but why not add a stylish pouffe like the Gold faux leather pouffe by Moroccan Bazaar (£99.00.) Or save with Joss and Main’s Moroccan pouffe in beige (£35.95.) We also found a fantastic selection of unique seating and Moroccan style pouffes in our local Home Sense store recently, who stock great quality, unique pieces for less (we found various styles of pouffes available from £37.00 in selected stores.) It is definitely worth finding your nearest Home Sense store before investing in an expensive high street or vintage piece.

However, after perusing online we found our personal favourite,  this Carrie-inspired purchase below. The lust-worthy, floral beauty is the Missoni Home Pallina Pouf, available at Amara, £650.00. It is a firm favourite, and definitely one instantly added to our wish list,  if only we has Carrie’s bank balance too!

Sex and the City 2 Set Design Interior Design Inspiration. Missoni Home Pallina Pouf available to buy at Amara

The SATC sit amongst a beautifully presented picnic, displayed in expensive gold-rimmed bowls filled with dates, macaroons and treats resting on top of glamorous, golden tables. If you want to inject some serious glamour into your garden soiree why not serve your drinks in LSA Savoy Gold Rim Champagne Flutes (£21.00 per glass available at House of Fraser) and your canapés on Fishpools Mirror tray with hammered antique gold (£139.00.) Or be thrifty, spray paint your garden tables and serving trays with metallic gold spray paint for instant glam or pick up a cheaper tray like H&M’s Bronze metal tray for only £12.99.

And why stop there, save by checking out The House of Smiths, who have a great DIY tutorial for gold rimmed glasses. Or our personal favourite though is a Pinterest favourite, using edible, shimmering sugar around the rim of your cocktail glasses for a fun take on the SATC, decadent glamour, but it tastes delicious too!

SATC Set Design inspired Interior design inspiration. Gold, edible, Sugar rimmed champagne flutes

We also love the ornate, low down coffee tables seen in their picnic scene. We found a great investment piece below, splurge on the Ethan Allen Moroccan inspired  Tracery Coffee Table (£879.65) to recreate their uber- stylish, Moroccan look. Or recreate the look for less, a selection of traditional, Moroccan tea tables, tea sets and trays are available here on Etsy or if you want to be authentic try searching Moroccan tea tables on Ebay to find a bargain. Or Joss & Main’s beautiful, Art Deco, Cora Mirrored Tray Table (£61.95) was also a perfect find, for a modern take on the traditional Moroccan table, seen below.

Sex and the City 2 inspired Interior design trends: modern, Moroccan style Cora mirrored tray table by Joss & Main.

One of our favourite pieces in the scene though has to be the traditional, handmade, Moroccan wedding blanket that the Sex and the City ladies sit on during their picnic. The rugs are traditional Berber rugs, usually made with sheep´s wool and decorated with sequins, given as a gift of good luck and blessings to a bride to wrap around herself on the way to her new home. These Luxe Moroccan blankets are great for adding texture and a sense of glamour to your space, or could easily be incorporated into a light, interior scheme as well like in the beautiful, Moroccan themed bedroom below.

Sex and the City set design inspired trends. Traditional Moroccan Handira Wedding blankets Image available at:

We found a stunning collection available to buy from Moroccan Tribal on Etsy (£155.09- £342.49) or a large selection of beautiful, handmade Handira cushions and throws from El Ramla Hamra (£55- £350.) Authentic Handira blankets and cushions tend to be quite pricey, but you are paying for the quality and hours of hand-stiching that goes into each, unique throw or cushion that makes it just that bit more justifiable to splurge on.

But if you want one but can’t afford to splurge, we found a second-hand Handira blanket handmade berber throw for sale on Ebay (£34.99) or Moroccan Handira style pillow covers here on Etsy (£32.31.) We also found a great, Moroccan themed piece at H&M. Their golden, Jute rug (seen below £19.99) is perfect to incorporate a small touch of traditional Morocco style into your existing interior, without having to spend a lot to recreate the look.

Jute Rug H&M SATC set design inspired interior design ideas

Moroccan market inspired finds

Another thing we fell in love with during the film was the hustle and bustle of the Souk, in the fabulous scenes of Carrie exploring the shop-lined streets of the Marrakech Medina, And of course, where we see Carrie meet up with her old-flame Aidan in Marrakesh’s main square. The Djemma el Fnaa was used as the wonderful backdrop to where we see Aidan with a big, printed carpet under his arm.

Sex and the City set design inspired interior design trends. Aidan & Carrie in the Sex and the city 2 movie seen here in the Marrakech Medina .

Traditional Moroccan carpets are very popular to tourists visiting Marrakesh, and are a favourite of ours too. You can instantly add a middle-eastern feel to your interior scheme just by adding a big, printed rug. Doris Leslie Blau offer a huge selection of authentic, vintage, Berber designs that Carrie would snap up, they range from £1921.50- £51,240.00,  if you want to invest in an authentic piece.

Sex and the City Set Design inspired Interior design tredns. Available at Amara, the Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet.

But if like us, you can only aspire to have Carrie and the SATC women’s style and don’t have the same amount of disposable income, then we have a few cheaper alternatives. Like the Amore cream rug  available at the Rug Warehouse, a beautiful Moroccan inspired design for £99.00. Or go bright with the Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet from Amara seen above, £239.95. Or save on a more traditional looking, middle-eastern  rug like the Otisse rug in Terracotta from Dunelm (£39.99.)

And its not just the Sex and the City set designs that would set you back either, the clothing budget for the SATC 2 film reportedly cost over $10 million alone! Like Carrie’s enviable outfit for shopping in the Souk, above. This outfit alone would cost us a whopping £11,246.54 to buy! But don’t worry, we will continue our splurge or save series next week, and you won’t need Carrie’s budget to recreate the Sex and the City interiors. We have found glamorous, similar looks from Carrie’s Manhattan apartment for less, and we’ve found some more inspiring interior pieces based on the rest of the style-driven Sex and the City 2 set designs.

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our Sex and the City 2 Set Design Inspired blog series. Join us next week when we continue our Sex & the City Spend or Save series, we take a look at Carrie and Big’s glamorous, French Décor inspired new apartment and we show you how to re-create the rest of the glamorous set designs for less.


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