The Artistic Legacy of Microsoft Paint

Concha 4

Simple tools, don’t always mean simple results The variety and complexity of digital design tools today can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially for designers who are new to all the different platforms. In this blog we share how a simple tool, doesn’t always mean simple results. We celebrate the use of MS Paint by three very different […]

Co-Working Spaces; a New World of Interior Design

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It has been said, that the design of your work environment directly impacts productivity… The increase of freelance workers, combined with shared living leaving most people without an at home office, has seen a sharp rise in co-working spaces. Designers across the world have been working to create the perfect space for creatives to get […]

The Life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

8 Glasgow School of Art and Design (dezeen) FINAL

2018 sees the celebration of one of Britain’s most famous and influential Architects and Designers. Source: Born 150 years ago this month, Charles Rennie Mackintosh remains internationally recognised as a true exponent of design. Growing up in Glasgow, Mackintosh began working as an apprentice to local Architect, John Hutchinson. Following his apprenticeship, it didn’t […]

Vertical Forest: A New Take on Urban Design


The Vertical Forest is a model for a sustainable, residential building and a project for metropolitan reforestation contributing to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity. With increasing numbers of people opting for city, apartment living over suburban family homes, designers are having to get creative about how they can inject greenery into their […]

Virtuzone: Why is Obtaining an Interior Design License Important?


How to Obtain an Interior Design License: In many parts of the world including the UAE, interior design is a licensed profession. This means you must have at least a certain level of qualification and a license to practise professionally.   Whether you’re looking to set up your own company, work as a freelancer or work […]

Tutor Spotlight: Alison Grace-Gahan


“I have so many experiences I love passing on to new, up and coming designers” – Alison Grace-Gahan Meet NDA Senior Tutor in Dubai, Alison Grace-Gahan. Alison joined the National Design Academy to support the team in Dubai, and deliver in-studio courses to international students at the NDA Dubai studio. Since joining, she has already carried […]

Celebrating 300 Years of Thomas Chippendale

Thomas Chippendale 300 Years - Dumfries Blue Drawing Room 1

2018 marks 300 years since Britain’s most influential Furniture Maker, Thomas Chippendale, was born. Source: Chippendale 300 Born in Otley, Yorkshire on June 5th, 1718, we know very little of Chippendale’s early years. However, following his marriage to Catherine Redshaw in 1748, in London, Chippendale moved to St. Martin’s Lane, where he set up both […]